What might be the reasons one would choose Bangladesh to be the place of their next vacation? Is there anything special to talk about? Anything to be remembered after the vacation? Anything special that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else? Okay, let me tell you then. Yes, there are. Bangladesh Tourism is blessed with a few unique gifts of nature you cannot enjoy anywhere else.

Bangladesh Tourism is relatively new. This is precisely the reason the world is unaware of these gems. These places are simply not advertised enough. It not advertised as “a dream vacation in Caribbean”. Of course Caribbean is a great place to plan a vacation. However, I humbly like to put my claim before you: A Bangladesh Vacation would not be less with the right choice of places. It is True.

There are two kinds of vacation hunters and visitors. The first group would be eager to get in the hotel right after getting off the plane. Take to shower, food and rest. The next day, they would go out with the tour operator or hotel guide. They would see what their guide wanted them to see, They would enjoy what their guide wanted them to enjoy. Then they would just go back. This group is great for historical sites or monuments seeing and not so good for an echo tourism. There is another group of visitors do better for ecotourism or a relaxed vacation. This group has imagination, is inquisitive and like to venture everything themselves. They would not walk away to see a beautiful waterfall in the mountain, walking 3-4 hours through the upward hilly jungle. They would touch, test and savour everything on the way.Image result for Bangladesh Tourism

I like to warn the first group that if you are Bd Tour for great hotels and great treatment, Bangladesh would not be a great place for that. At least nothing special in this respect and same as other places. Other places might have even better facilities. I also like to welcome the second group, the inquisitive one. Bangladesh Tourism can make their visit, a visit of a lifetime. However, you have to plan exactly, which place you are going to visit. For instance, the largest mangrove forest with hundreds of river streams supported by a wide variety of wild life. Just stretch your imagination to figure out the beauty of the place. However, today I am going to tell you about another gem of Bangladesh Tourism. Place I went several times, even on my honeymoon.

Do you know that the longest natural sea beach is at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh? It is almost 120 miles stretched, a great place for a vacation. So many beaches to savour. You like a crowded one? You got it. You are planning to enjoy a sunset with your fiancée all alone in a stretch of sea beach? No human as far as your eyes got to. This place is a major tourist attraction supported by some go? 5 and four star rated hotels and an airport so you can reach there directly from any place. Of course you should visit this place and enjoy. Stay there a day or two, but this is not the gem I wanted to mention.


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