Interest turning to addiction is not acceptable. There is a thin line of difference between things you enjoy doing and things you can not live without it. Amusement is meant to keep your mood alleviated slightly crushing your spirit. Different people show different symptoms when abolished from playing. It is good to opt for things you like, but it is essential to know the limitations as well. You can not drive all your energy in video games. Playing video games in limits boost your motor functions of the brain, alleviate your spirits, and keep you spontaneous. However, addiction to video games isolates you from the entire world. You remain engrossed either in the game or in its thought. Addiction brings depression as the ultimate end. You need to be careful at the top-notch and decide the best for yourself.Image result for video games


Current research state some prominent signs proving video game addiction. It is a step of self-awareness. If you get to witness any of the mentioned signs in yourself, do consult a doctor. Some of the symptoms discussed below.

  1. You get engrossed in the thoughts of the video game. Your thinking process revolves around sports.
  2. You feel disgusted when you can not have the fun of playing. More importantly, you get the vibe of disgust when you can not reach out to the game when you want.
  3. You get the urge of spending more time in playing games.
  4. You do not get the vibes of controlling yourself while playing. It feels awkward to resist or stop the game.
  5. You do not get the mood of doing something else other than playing or thinking about playing.
  6. You fail to concentrate on your work of the school or home.
  7. You tend to get the habit of lying about your long hours to spend on playing games.
  8. Usually, gaming is a therapy to alleviate bad moods. However, addiction leads to increasing the sickening feeling in yourself.


Controlling time of playing is one of the simplest and best ways of preventing addiction. There are some ways to achieve prevention mode. Some are-

  1. You need to maintain some strict time limits of your playing. It will be difficult at the initial stage. However, once you learn to control the urge of playing, you will surely overcome the addiction.
  2. Try keeping your phone or PSP out of your reach while sleeping at night or doing some important work.
  3. Try to distract yourself from video gaming. Do some exercise to relax your body from prolong sitting while playing for hours.


Doing any work is definitely n our hands. You get to decide how long hours you want to play, study or do any other world. So as you have the power of differentiating your interest from addition. However, it is essential to keep yourself in check. If you get to see any of the signs mentioned above, consult a doctor. You can also follow the preventive tips mentioned in the article and keep yourself free from addiction.


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