Anandamide is one of the most important substances which makes you happy. It is also known as the bliss molecule. If you don’t want to get depressed in your life, then your anandamide levels should be high. It affects your physical and mental health in different ways. It contains a similar substance as THC, but it doesn’t make you high. How can you get anandamide without consuming marijuana then? First of all, you should know about Anandamide and then you should think about increasing its quantity in your body.

Health benefits of consuming Anandamide 

Anandamide is known to improve overall human health because it works on the brain. It can reduce your anxiety and fear and also provide you with energy to cope up with stress and depression. The people who are suffering from heart problems or skin issues can consume the Anandamide (aea) supplement to see effective results. It works on WBC and reproductive organs also. All in all, this supplement can be helpful for your entire body. If you aren’t able to get proper sleep, this supplement can also help you get a sound sleep. If you are suffering from chronic pain, then it will help you to reduce body pain within a few days.

Natural sournces of Anandamide 

You can also get anandamide from natural sources if you don’t want to take it through CBD oil or supplements. You can find Anandamide in Chia seeds, hemp seeds, and eggs. Tea and herbs also contain Anandamide in them. You can consume oregano, black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon on a regular basis. The chocolate helps increase Anandamide in your body. You can take cocoa powder also because it makes it easy to breakdown endocannabinoids. The chocolate also helps in the production of Anandamide and that’s why you should try out this supplement on regular basis. You can also take black truffles if you want to get natural anandamide.

Mental health supplements online 

If you don’t want to have bad mental health, then you should consume good supplements. Adding the right supplements to your diet can help you to achieve a healthier body. You won’t regret taking these supplements because these are healthy. You can go to the online store and order Phosphatidylserine (PS) and Anandamide supplement as per your requirement. Both of these supplements will balance your mental and physical health in the best manner.


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